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Emhart Teknologies

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Black and Decker's fastening systems business, Emhart Fastening Teknologies, is engaged in a specialty fastening and assembly business on a global scale. They are focused on acting as a market-driven, technology driven supplier. With this in mind, customers' fastening problems are under continuing investigation, analysis and test. Emhart examines various fastener applications including: no-hole fastening, fastening dissimilar materials, fastening in technologically-new materials; automating production lines, fasteners as seals; high-shear, high-vibration resistant fasteners; one-sided fastening etc. Emhart is proud to manufacture the following product lines: Warren, Helicoil, Dodge, Pop, P-K, NPR, Gripco and Tucker.

ISO Certified Emhart Teknologies is ISO Certified

MilSpec Certified Emhart Teknologies is MILSPEC CERTIFIED

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