Gould Fasteners is a full service distributor of all varieties of fasteners,electronic parts and military spec hardware since 1979.

Quality is at the core of all our operations. We understand that quality cannot be compromised. Ever. At Gould Fasteners quality is our way of doing business.

Our product line has been growing for more than 42 years. Whatever your fastener requirements, Gould has the products to meet them. We make it easy. Call us.

Gould Fasteners continually raises the bar on the quality of service we deliver. Whatever your supply chain requirements, we have a customizable program to help your business grow and prosper.

Quality products come from quality manufacturers. At Gould Fasteners all of our suppliers must adhere to strict standards of excellence. We simply want the best for our customers. Everyday.


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Simmonds line of nut products is manufactured using the cold forging process, which is well suited to mass production and allows for simple or complex parts to be produced at much higher rates than would otherwise be possible. This process allows for the manufacture of complex parts for the aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. Simmonds manufacturing capabilities encompass cold forging, stamping, screw machining and turning, tapping, finishing, heat treatment, and plating. This product range has expanded to include more than 10,000 locknuts as well as over 5,000 industrial fasteners. The Simmonds line of nuts includes products such as Nylstop, Tristop, Eslok, Serpress, Simfas, Simloc and M.H.T.. Other unique products include weld nuts, jet pump bodies, pinions, rings and coupling disks.

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