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Kaynar (Greer)

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With over 50 years experience in design and manufacture, Greer has the capability to handle complex specialty products, and offers a complete design and manufacturing capability for all types of self-locking and free-spinning locknuts. Greer manufactures a complete line of Nylon Insert Hex. Locknuts, Nylon Insert Clinch Nuts, and Nylon Insert Spine Nuts. Since 1971, Greer has also been manufacturing a specialty line of all metal nuts, both self-locking and free spinning. This range includes Conelok Nuts; Huglok and Microflex crimped segmented-beam type prevailing torque locknuts; Marsden slotted locknuts designed to work in compression; Spine Nuts; Acorn Nuts; Weld Nuts; Square Nuts; Slotted and 12 Point Nuts.

ISO Certified Kaynar (Greer) is ISO Certified

MilSpec CertifiedKaynar (Greer) is MILSPEC CERTIFIED

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