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Bumpers and Feet

Bumpers protect, holds objects in place, dampens harsh sounds of slamming, prevent equipment from vibrating or sliding. They apply quickly and easily wherever protection is needed. Typical applications include cabinet doors, sliding doors, appliances, office equipment, computers etc.

BS-17 Bumpers

From: Bumper Specialties

BS-17 Bumpers

Bumper Specialties' "Kiss-Cut" self-adhesive polyurethane bumpers apply quickly and easily wherever protection is needed against nicks, scratches, scuffs, vibration, slippage or noise. The BS-17 come in starndard colors of clear and black but are also available in additional colors such as white, brown and grey. The bumpers are made from 100% polyurethane. This gives them an easy 'Peel-Off' application and makes them non-staining and non-marring. They are also crack-resistant and resilient.


Bumpers and Feet can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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