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Industrial Timing Belts

Industrial timing belts are used in applications where production lines need to be synchronized and products oriented in a specific way.

They can be divided into two main categories:

  • Conveying timing belts where the items being transported come into direct contact with the belt.
  • Linear Drive timing belts that connect to other pieces of equipment without ever coming into contact with product.

The materials used for a timing belt depends on the application and environment the belt will be employed. Manufacturing that requires very strong timing belts may be made out of Kevlar® or steel. The food industry has very strict FDA requirements and most belts used in this field are made out of urethane or polyurethane.

There are many advantages to using timing belts:

  • They are sprocket-driven - belts don't shift or break on the conveyor leading to tracking problems
  • Shock Load Resistant - in conditions where a belt goes from 0 to 60 feet/min, industrial timing belts can withstand the shock-load start.
  • Synchronizable - When manufactured in matching sets, industrial timing belts can be used for parallel applications lines that run at the same speed.
  • Built Tough - Resistant to stretching or shrinking, they can withstand tough operating conditions and have long belt lifespans.

Integrated Molded FDA Timing Belt

From: USA Drives, Inc.

Integrated Molded FDA Timing Belt

In environments where an industrial timing belt will come into contact with food, the belt must be made with a material approved by the FDA.

This Metric Pitched timing belt is used to convey bite-sized candy bars and is made out of FDA-approved urethane. The formulation includes a standard Shore A80 urethane with Kevlar® cord construction.


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