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Quarter Turn Fasteners

Quarter Turn Fasteners were originally developed during the 1930‘s, these fasteners enabled the aircraft industry to have rapid access to aircraft panels for repairs. turn fasteners are ideal for these installations because, not only are they easy to open and close, they offer resistance to vibration. They provide convenient and reliable fastening and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Standard Line Quarter Turn Fasteners

From: DZUS/Southco

Standard Line Quarter Turn Fasteners

Components consist of a spiral-cam stud, a stud retainer, and a receptacle consisting of, or containing a wire form spring. The tension of the receptacle is 11lbs and the safe load without distortion is 30lbs. The receptacle makes for easy installation as it only requires a screw driver to insert. This product has the advantage of requiring only ¼ turn to lock into place and is vibration resistant. The receptacle is made of spring tempered carbon steel and comes in bright sinc and yellow chrome plating. The stud can be heat treated zinc plated steel or can come in stainless steel.


Quarter Turn Fasteners can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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