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Latches, Slides

A latch is a bar consisting of a catch and lever, which is used as a fastening device. Latches are available in different styles and configurations. Pawl latches offer quater turn operation, with locking under tension, over a wide range of material thickness. These latches are fully adjustable and are widely ised in access panel. Toggle latches have the advantage of being a quick release fastener, with the added benefit that they do not extend into the equipment being fastened.

TL200 Toggle Latch

From: DZUS/Southco

TL200 Toggle Latch

The TL200 is a large, heavy-duty Toggle Latch with a curved link for resilience under shock loads. It is ideal for use on shipping containers, construction equipment, and other demanding applications. Holes are provided for padlocking or wire sealing. The TL200 has a working strength of 600lbs and ultimate strength of 1500lbs. All the parts are cold rolled steel with plated zinc and yellow chromate finish.

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