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Also known as "Screw Thread" inserts, this product is used whenever a strong threaded area is required in a soft material. The inserts can be purchased in two types of configurations. The wire thread known as "HELICOIL" is available in free running, self-locking and tangless versions. Also available is a solid insert in both commercial and military specification versions.

Tangless Inserts

From: HeliCoil

Tangless Inserts

HELI-COIL Tangless Inserts eliminate tang break-off and retrieval and are easily adjusted or removed after installation. Due to their bi-directional design, they install quicly and easily from either end. Tapped threads are strengthened because the inherent flexibility of the insert provides a more balanced distribution of static and dynamic loads throughout the engagement length. Virtually no stress is induced into the parent material as no staking, swaging, or keying in place is required. HELI-COIL Tangless screw-lock inserts provide a positive, self-locking torque complying with the requirements of Mil-I-8846 and conforming to NAS1130. They require smaller boss than solid inserts, thus minimize total in-place cost.

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