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Nuts consist of a square or hexagonal block, usually of metal, with a hole in the center having internal, or female, threads that fit on the male threads of an associated bolt or screw. A bolt or screw with a nut is widely used for fastening machine and structural components. In addition to the standard square and hexagonal nuts, Gould Fasteners also carries many special types including flange nuts, weld nuts and two-way lock nuts.

Flange Nuts

From: Maclean-Fogg

Flange Nuts

Flange Nuts have the following characteristics; increase volume under compression, reduce stress concentrations and imbedment of joined materials, eliminate thread dilation in nuts, provides more uniform stress pattern in nuts, eliminates extra parts, spans and gaps oversize and elongated holes, provides greater load distribution and increase bearing stress area. The Flange Nuts are available with Mac-Lock or Uni-Torque deflection.

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