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Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are ideal for connecting multiple wires in switchboards, control panels, computers, and whatever grouping of wiring connections is desired. Their large openings make wiring easy and the insulating walls of the collar guide the wire into the lug so that strands do not go astray. They are completely shielded to protect all live parts. They are moulded from resilient nylon to resist breakage and come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit all of your wiring requirements.

.438 Beau PCB Barrier Terminal Strip

From: Molex

.438 Beau PCB Barrier Terminal Strip

The series 63R, PCB terminal strip is the smallest Molex tri-barrier product designed for service up to 600V. It is an economical, lower power alternative to the Molex high power 66 series product. Unlike other tri-barrier designs, the 63R has the same footprint as the standard series 63 PCB terminal strip, allowing the user to offer the benefits of the tri-barrier construction without redesigning their PCB or enclosure. The terminal block can be configured for maximum 12 AWG wire and up to 25 Amps. Made in the USA, all Beau terminal blocks embody the highest quality standards in the industry-using the finest materials and world class manufacturing processes. They meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.


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