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Grooved Pins are solid and cylindrical with three longitudinal grooves, manufactured from bar or coil stock. The three grooves are pressed into the cylindrical body to expand its diameter to a size greater than its nominal diameter in a precisely controlled way. Material is displaced, but not removed, from the pin the process. This works by pressing the pin into a hole the size of the nominal diameter, the constraining action of the hole compresses the expanded material in a spring-like manner and produces a holding force. This unique locking action is accomplished without permanent deformation of either the base material or the pin. Pins have several advantages: They provide excellent holding power in cases of severe vibration and shock, even in the case of axial displacement. They require only a straight-drilled hole and may be driven with a hammer, air cylinder or hydraulic press. They allow easy installation and quick assembly. Pins can be removed and reused.

Standard Grooved Pins

From: Driv-Lok

Standard Grooved Pins

Standard Grooved Pins are made up of three full-length tapered grooves that allow it to serve as a connecting and fastening element. In this way, it replaces the conventional taper pin. This eliminates the reaming of drilled holes, thus saving time and tool cost. They are used as locking devices, pivots, bearing faces or locating elements.Standard Grooved Pins are made from low carbon steel. They may also be manufactured from alloy steels, stainless steel, brass and bronze. The standard finish of the grooved pin is a zinc finish.


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