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EMI/RFI Shielding

Increasingly strict government regulations on both emissions and immunity are driving designers and manufacturers to integrate shielding compounds into their product designs. Shielding provides "immunity" for sensitive components from incoming electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or prevents excessive emissions of EMI to other susceptible equipment. The primary methods for preventing emission or reception of EMI are proper circuit design/grounding and selection/placement of components (including specially designed filters).

Mold-In-Place PCB Shielding

From: Instrument Specialties / Laird Technologies

Mold-In-Place PCB Shielding

Based upon each specific design application, a molded in place rib pattern made of Silver/Inert coated Aluminum in a Silicone base, can be applied to any metal substrate creating a multi-compartment shielded enclosure. During installation, the shield is sandwiched between one side of the printed circuit board and the housing. The mold-in-place rib enclosure design is ideally suited for portable devices where space is at a premium, hand held computers, and wireless communications devices. The Mold-In-Place PCB Shielding replaces multiple soldered printed circuit board shield cans with a single piece approach.


EMI/RFI Shielding can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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